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I need to reset a password for a client user, but the client info dialog only has input objects for phone numbers and emails.  The former testtrack administrator has left the company. Thanks.
asked Aug 17 in TestTrack by briandstark (160 points)
The issue was resolved, we had to log in to SVN on the server platform, to change the LDAP authentication.

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Another user with License Server administrative privileges can change a user's password, but a user cannot "reset" their password if they don't know their password. If it is an LDAP or Active Directory user, then you can control the password from the LDAP or AD server. If you don't have anyone left at the company with administrative privileges, then I'd suggest that you contact Perforce support for assistance.
answered Aug 17 by RichC (5,950 points)
selected Aug 20 by briandstark
Thanks for the quick response. One of our users belongs to the administrator group, but he doesn't seem to be able to change passwords. Is there a difference between being a user in the administrator group, and being logged into the administrator account? How do we know if an account is "an LDAP or Active Directory user"?
There is no single "administrator account". You just need to be being in a security group with administration security privileges. You should look in the License Server Admin Utility to determine which users are pulled from LDAP or Active Directory.
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