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Trying to get a burndown that looks like this in the Live Chart...


Hours on the Y-axis and dates for my release planning on the X-axis.  I have figured out using to use Remaining Hours for my Y-axis, but I cannot figure out what field to use to get my dates on the X.

While I am asking, what are the different icons used for defect fields? There is a yellow icon with a # symbol and a round, blue C icon.
asked May 29 in TestTrack by jeffdobs (150 points)

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The Live Charts allow you to create a chart, but it doesn't support the specialized burndown chart. The closest you can get is by specifying an X-Axis value of "Enter Work Date" (or whatever event you're using to record hours worked). This would show the reduction in work over time, but the X-axis would only show days that the remaining work changed rather than a consistent timeline. It also is missing other burndown chart elements like the projected end.

Burndown charts are a special type of chart that are only available from a burndown report or a burndown dashboard widget. The following two links have information about these two burndown options. You might consider using a burndown widget on a dashboard to display your project's status, rather than a live chart.



Regarding the icons question, I'm not sure which icons you are referring to. Maybe you're talking about the Field Value Styles, which can be configured by the administrator?


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