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I am configuring workflow in our brandnew Helix ALM. I must be missing something, for there seems no discernable difference between "locking", say, a requirement, and "closing" it. So, two questions:

1) What is the differences between "Locking" a requirement vs. "Closing" it? Are these terms defined somewhere?

2) What would be an example usage scenario were I would use one, but not the other?


asked May 7 in TestTrack by Mick (140 points)

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Each company can potentially use "locked" and "closed" status differently, but generally it is used as follows. A locked requirement is temporarily locked from editing, potentially because the requirement is currently under review, but the requirement has not yet been completed/fulfilled. A closed requirement has been completed (or possibly marked as obsolete depending on your definition of closed).

Here is a help topic on locking items that might be helpful:
answered May 7 by RichC (5,950 points)
Thank you, RichC. Very helpful.
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