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Hello Team,

In Winforms Application We have FlexGrid . Trying to get number of Rows but we could not find any documentation with sample code.

Please can any one provide samples to work on grids.

Thanks in Advance
asked Jun 16, 2016 in QA Wizard Pro by Deepthi

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Typically for supported Grids in QA Wizard Pro you can get the property that has this value in.

Here is an example of a .NET Grid and the ability to get the number of rows:
'Get the count of the number of rows that are in the grid
numRows = Window("WysiCorp CRM").Grid("accountsDataGridView").Property("Number of Rows")

Now your Grid sounds like a CompononetOne Grid so you first have to verify if you can access each cell and if you can access any properties on the Grid.

You can also get a list of properties if you are unsure of what the property is with the row count.

Here is an example to get properties:
strProperties = Window("WysiCorp CRMContact").ListView("listViewHistory").GetPropertyMap()

answered Jun 22, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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