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My Web application has a dropdown that is only visible when you click or hover a menu. I am having troubles selecting this in QA Wizard whenever I run the script. It says it's not visible.
asked May 26, 2016 in QA Wizard Pro by AM_N

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You can try to add a short delay in your script since you have to wait for the object to be visible the QA Wizard Pro script maybe running to fast.

You could use the Delay(2000) to wait 2 seconds and then work on the item.
The question is does the dropdown appear in your application repository? If it does that is great and most likely you just need to slow things down to wait for this object to appear.

The other option is using the WaitForExists statement.. you put in the maximum time to wait for the item / object

bolFound = Window("Login").Button("btLogin").WaitForExists(5000)

answered May 30, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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