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How can I find a list of users who are currently logged in for TestTrack V.2008
asked Dec 12, 2018 in TestTrack by KennyBui (140 points)

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There is a Show Logged In Users command in the View menu, which allows you to see who is logged in and allows you to log those users out.
answered Dec 12, 2018 by RichC (5,990 points)
I am aware of this option for ONE project.  But I want to do this for ALL projects.  Is there a way to kick EVERYONE off the system so I can restart the service?
No, there is no option to log everyone off the system across the server. Although you can stop the TestTrack service while users are logged in as that will force everyone out, but if they have unsaved text in an open window then those changes will not be saved.

BTW, later versions of TestTrack added an option to logout inactive users based on a configurable time setting (ex: you determine how long they can be inactive before they are force logged out). Not what you were asking for, but this newer feature does keep the active license count down for customers using floating licenses and there are fewer users to kick out.
Ok Thank you.

If that option is not available, is there an option to send email to all registered users FROM TestTrack?
Sorry but there is no "send email to all registered users" command.
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