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Our application has a multiselect control. We recorded through QA wizzard pro. It displays as Edit box as unable to capture the multiple items. kindly provide some sample.


asked Apr 14, 2016 in QA Wizard Pro by anonymous

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Can you provide some more information on your application?

- Is it a web based (browser based) application that you are testing?
- Since some of the newer HTML 5 (bootstrap type applications) take normal inputs like a text box / edit box and transform those to a drop down or some other display control. Can you send a small screenshot of just that control and the HTML?
- If you use a specific javascript add-on also let me know what that is.

Once we know this we can look at a number of options to resolve this. Sometimes if it is a JavaScript item using CSS to transform it we can can look to use the option to inject javascript in the script to perform the actions. But first we need some detail.
answered Apr 14, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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