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When editing issues, if you select 'Detail' and generate multiple 'Current Reports', then you'd like to send an email using %DESC%, it will only show description for the Current Report 1 of 2. How can I show description for ALL the current reports? Note that the 'Overview' will show multiple 'Current Reports correctly.
asked Sep 28, 2018 in TestTrack by spyder365 (120 points)

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Currently %DESC% is the only email field code that displays the Description text and it only include the Description from the first found by record. I included your question in an existing request for a field code that includes the Description text for all found by records.
answered Sep 28, 2018 by RichC (6,090 points)
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Helix ALM 2018.4 adds many new field codes including %DESC_ALL% which outputs the description value for all Found By reports. Other new email field codes allow you to specify the first, last, or all Found By reports for name, email address, and phone number values.
answered Dec 11, 2018 by RichC (6,090 points)
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