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I wanted to take code review report from scm.It seem i can take report under "report on code reviews".but that report is not giving sufficient information . Actually my job is to create a code review metrics in my project.

I wanted to take a report which will tell about the code review effectiveness.i.e code review defect density etc.If defect density is not possible then,At least i want a report which will tell about author, reviewer, defect log,defect fixed,date of log defect,date of fixed defect in that review in .csv or excel format. 

asked Jul 13, 2018 in Surround SCM by skumar6 (170 points)

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Currently there is no Surround SCM report that links code reviews to defects. In Surround SCM, you can attach both files and changelists to a defect. You can also attach both files and changelists to a code review. However, you cannot attach a code review directly to a defect. Obviously there is an association between the defect and the code review in your scenario as the file/changelist is attached to both a defect and a code review, but there is no existing report that ties that information together.
answered Jul 13, 2018 by RichC (5,990 points)
Is SCM gives report in .csv or excel format?
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