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While recording its giving


During play back shows error on this line and fails to select the sub menu properly

In My menu name i have a slash
asked Mar 24, 2016 in QA Wizard Pro by Deepthi

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You do need to escape the slash in QA Wizard Pro.. but can you send the error you receive and we can help you get to the problem.

A screenshot or the error text that is generated in the report will work fine.
answered Mar 27, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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Hey Deepthi

The problem is the name of your item. you can let the QA Wizard name it, and use that name to locate the control

I wrote an code according to your description,  please read the content in the result


this is what you mean by sub menu right?

You don`t need to worry about the name of the sub menu, it is named by the QA wizard. so you don`t need to modify  the item name. Just use the name auto-geneated in the item (in my case is HtmlLInk, but pretty much the same as Menu)

the followin is the code, it can check the value if it contain the "\" or "/" and can hover and click each sub menu (or if enabled in your case..)

'click  sub menu
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("this is Canada ON").Hover()
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("this is Canada ON").Click()
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("this is Canada ON").Checkpoint("Inner Text", "this is Canada/ ON/", True, "")

'check "\"
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("This is").Hover()
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("This is").Click()
Window("iframeResult").HTMLLink("This is").Checkpoint("Inner Text", "This is \\", True, "")
println ("\\ check done")



and this is the result:

Got it?

those names of sub menu are auto generated by QA Wizard, so you don`t really need to escape anything, just use the name the wizard offered during your capture , and you can cehck it.

btw, the qa wizard naming convetion normally won`t cotain the "/"

if this is not what you want, send a screebshot, this is best I can guess base on your description

(BTW: the picture in here is too hard to adjust........try your best to read them if possible.)

answered Mar 29, 2016 by Leo (230 points)
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