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When viewing an issue in the Edit in view window, how/where can you see the currently assigned to user?

Currently I am only able to see this in the workflow events or history tab.
asked Jul 2, 2018 in TestTrack by keithripperda (130 points)

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On the View Issue window, the Status field shows both the current Status and Currently Assigned To user. However, on the User Option dialog in the Display category, there is an option to "Display status only" to not show the currently assigned user. The Workflow tab shows all the assignment events, but does not display the Currently Assigned To value.

The Issues list window does have a Currently Assigned To field that can be displayed in a separate column, but that option is not available on the View Issue window.
answered Jul 9, 2018 by RichC (5,990 points)
Thanks Rich,

I had turned on the "Display status only" feature because when looking at issues in the list view I liked the Status column to be clean of assignments.  I use a currently assigned column for that.  I hadn't realize that that same check box to "display status only" applied to the status value on the edit issue window.  At this point I need to decide which view is more important.  Thanks for your help.
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