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I need to validate the files I download and would like an MD5 or SHA1 hash for the downloaded files.
asked Mar 21, 2016 in General by Matt Disher (600 points)

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Hashes for common installers and downloads are located here:

answered Mar 21, 2016 by Matt Disher (600 points)
selected Mar 21, 2016 by Rick Riccetti
That page wouldn't load for me.

We're a version behind (2015.1.1)
Windows Client md5: 5012ada6b332d7eac0b3977241350f12
Windows Client sha256: 7942f4da92eb714ec965f0f2314ad60a745ebaa7c97289cd8ff1539e41c0388f
Sorry, https was not previously open.  That has been fixed.  Both should work.

Nice, can you put which version(s) of applications these are for?
All of the files/installers in that directory are versionless in name and are where the 'current' shipping version lives.   Older versions are only handed out by support when needed.
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