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I want to import requirements in text file which has text in "double quotes", 'single quotes', -.

When this text is imported using text file import (because i want to import requirements in custom fields and i am mapping the fields), i am getting question mark in a box in Helix instead of "double quotes", 'single quotes', -.

If i am importing text in double quotes, helix shows i am importing more requirements than the actual requirements.
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The double quote character is a special character in the Text Import file. If you have a field that contains tab characters or spans multiple lines, then you can put a quote at the start and end of that value so it will be imported as a single field value. If you do not quote that value, then the tab character is treated as a field delimiter and the new line character is treated as a record delimiter. If this describes your scenario, then it is also important that you check the "Handle quoted text" option, which tells Helix ALM to ignores delimiter characters in text enclosed in quotation marks, which includes tab/comma delimiters and new line characters. You mentioned that you are importing more requirements than actual requirements in the file. This will happen if you have multiple line values, but do not have the "Handle quoted text" option selected or have not enclosed the multi-line values in quotes.


It sounds like you also have double quote characters in the text values as well.

  • If you do not use the "Handle quoted text" option, then any field containing a double quote character must be enclosed in double quotes. For example, a value of You said, "hi" must be "You said, "hi"" in order to import the double quote characters properly.
  • If you use the "Handle quoted text" option, then things get tricky as the double quote character is itself used as a delimiter. You can use back to back double quote characters to get around the delimiter situation, but then you get two double quotes imported. If you have more complex text like this (containing both double quote characters and either tab characters or line feeds), then XML Import is more a robust option.


You mentioned the "question mark in a box" displaying in Helix ALM. This usually occurs when it is an unknown character (ex: Unicode character from an unknown character set). I would check to see if you are using the standard ANSI single quote and double quote characters, rather than a Unicode character. For example, enter text with quotes in Notepad instead of MS-Word. In my testing, the fancy Unicode double quotes were properly imported into Helix ALM when saved in a Unicode file, but they were not imported properly if I saved Unicode characters in an ANSI file. In my testing, I used Notepad and selected different Encoding values on the Save As dialog.

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