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Some of our users make use of the expand keyword feature. This month they run into an issue with special characters.

They use the $Date$ keyword. Surround SCM expands the keyword with the german long date format like "$Date: Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016 13:32:15$".

This month it has some problems with the "ä" in month name "März" and it expands to something like: "$Date: Donnerstag, 3. M 2016 13:32:15$".

The tool using the code cannot handle this special character.

How to configure Surround SCM to use a different date format e.g. english date format?

asked Mar 8, 2016 in Surround SCM by Rainer

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The keyword expansion does use the long date format from your operating system (Linux or Windows).

You can also use the keyword: $JustDate$ (if you only want the date)

We have some other keyword options here: http://help.seapine.com/surround/2015.1.0/scmclient/Default.htm#UserGuide/SupportedKeywords.htm#kanchor348

If you run into problems with the date please email support@seapine.com to open a ticket.

answered Mar 8, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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I (we) have the same problem...

Until now I was able to nail it down to Windows Server Langage Settings.

Like this:

- install a Windows Server (tried with 2008 r2) select location and keyboard stuff USA/English

- Install SCM Server stuff, enable "Keyword expansion" in SCM Client >Tools\Admin\ServerOption\Mainline Opt\Genertal

- Checkin file with $Date$ or the others

Result English date !!!!

AND NO JustDate does not work

    $Date: Monday, March 06, 2017 1:46:37 AM$

    '$JustDate: Monday, March 06, 2017$

I tried it too with English Windows Srv 2008r2 and selected on windows installation location gremany and german keyboard -> German date

I tried it with every setting changed to US did not work

With all set to US, I tried to uninstall SCCM + postgresl, Delete all in c:\program files\postgrep and ..\seapine and reinstall sccm, -> German date

I did not clean the registry


From my point of view right now it seems that setting is a registry setting or other hidden setting

And As long as Seapine does do provide a fix / guide We have to disable Keyword expansion in März...

I do not think I can get our IT dep to reinstall this server soon.
answered Mar 6, 2017 by Stefan

We looked at your issue on a Windows 2008 server machine running Surround SCM Server 2016.1.1. We set the Location to Germany, Format to Germany (Germany) and started the server up. We made a
small modification to two files (one file was of type UTF-8, the other a Text file) and included $Date$ as a keyword to be expanded by the server and then performed a check-in.

Upon retrieval of the files they both displayed correctly using the internal Surround SCM file viewer. We also tried viewing the files in Notepad using the same Windows 2008 machine and the "März" showed up correctly. As a result we have a few follow up questions:

1. What version of Surround SCM are you using?
2. What is the file type of the problematic file in Surround SCM (Text, UTF-8 or something else)?
3. What editor/ide/viewer are you using to view the contents of the retrieved file after keyward expansion?
4. What codec/encoding is set on the editor/ide/viewer when displaying the contents of the file?

As a workaround if you are looking to change the date format to English, changing the Location and Keyboard settings in the control panel are not sufficient. You will also need to change the Format to English and then restart the server so the date and time show up correctly. The Format option is available in the Region and Language settings.

Hi, we have in production 2016.0.0 Build15 and I tested it with the 2016.1.1 build 22 as a trail download.

I / we use Notepad++ and Eclipse with pyDev... with python 2.7

As of Notepade++ the files encoded ans ANSI or UTF-8 w/o BOM


The Auto-detect text files as UTF-8 Text helps for UTF-8 files, not for the ANSI, without it UNICODE  chars are written into the UTF-8 file.

Changing to english:

It looks like my IT guy and I installed the server the same way, Starting it as a service.

So setting just the format on the server does not help.

You have to set it for the System user, this is done by Copy your current settings to Welcome screen.

Region > administrative > Copy settings... > ...


Summery, SCM has a problem with detection file encoding of text files (python) when Keyword expansion is enabled. It just writes unicode in the file.

Unfortunately the setting for the date format / language is not documented in a way that I, my IT guy and the SCM support guy can find it. At least when the server is started as a service.

It would be nice to have a setting for that in SCM Server Options.

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