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When exporting to Word, text blocks (requirement descriptions for example) always export the spaces between words as non-breaking spaces.  This is a variation on the standard (0x20) space that Word can use.  Word basically sees the entire text block as a single word - and thus wraps very oddly.

The workaround is to "search and replace" the new document - replacing the special character with a normal space character.

The special character does not seem to be in the input text - as I can "fix" it in Helix, and it still comes out as non-break when I export again.  Is there a setting or special field in the template?
asked Jan 30, 2018 in TestTrack by scobb (160 points)

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Pasting content into a multi-line field was incorrectly convert spaces to non-breaking spaces, which was then showing up in the exported Word document. This issue is fixed in Helix ALM 2018.1, which was released yesterday. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by RichC (5,950 points)
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