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Today, I found all my working directory mappings were gone. So I went to the Tools -> Working Directories... menu and discovered that there were two entries for my system. One by just the hostname (foo) and the other by the fully qualified domain name (foo.bar.com). For some reason, the scmgui client decided to use the other entry today. I found all my previous mappings under the other entry that it was not currently using.

So what makes scmgui decide which one to use and why is it not consistent?

I had not recently changed my hostname, rebooted, etc. In fact, my scmgui program is typically left running 24/7 and it was still up and connected. Somehow, it just switched to the other working directory mappings...

This is the Linux client, version 2015.1.1 on RHEL7.2
asked Feb 11, 2016 in Surround SCM by mrjones (160 points)

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We have seen similar issues with OS X.  The SCM Client uses whatever 'hostname' the OS tells it, and depending on your network connection it can sometimes change between just your hostname, 'foo' and the domain name, 'foo.bar.com'.

This issue was found quite a while ago, and we added an option to the Surround SCM Client that allows users to specify exactly what hostname they want their computer to show up as.  This overrides the 'autodetect' functionality.


  1. Tools -> User Options
  2. On the 'User Options -> General' tab, check the "Override local computer name:" checkbox, and enter the hostname you want to always use.
  3. Click "Ok" 
  4. The Surround SCM Client should immediately refresh and show you your working directories for the 'foo' hostname.

answered Feb 16, 2016 by Paul (500 points)
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