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In the requirements document there are images such as diagrams. Whenever the requirements document gets exported to word the images gets blurry and hard to read. I suspect that Helix is compressing the images. Is there a configuration that I can change to prevent Helix ALM to compress the images when it gets exported to word document? - Thanks
asked Jan 11, 2018 in TestTrack by diingles (190 points)

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Helix ALM 2018.1 includes improved support for exporting high resolution images to Microsoft Word. After installing 2018.1, start the Helix ALM Registry Utility, go to the Word Export tab, and change the Exported Image File Size options to the desired setting. The default setting is Compressed or Thumbnail, but it sounds like you would want to set the "In multi-line fields" option to Full Resolution.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by RichC (5,990 points)
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