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Welcome to Seapine ALM 2011.1

With enhanced test case management, more administrative options, and increased automation technology support, Seapine ALM 2011.1 simplifies implementing quality-critical processes and helps teams meet their compliance and best practice objectives with less time and effort.

Highlights of Seapine ALM 2011.1 include:

  • Workflow history diagrams, extensive TestTrack TCM enhancements, and improved task board and traceability reports in TestTrack
  • Shelving in-progress changes, additional reports, and enhanced triggers in Surround SCM
  • Adobe Flash support, new Keyword View, status tool enhancements, and additional reporting options in QA Wizard Pro

What's New in Seapine ALM 2011.1

What's New in Seapine ALM 2011

New in TestTrack 2011.1

TestTrack 2011.1 adds new features and enhancements to better support your compliance and quality initiatives, including:

Workflow History Diagrams

New workflow diagrams help you quickly visualize a TestTrack item's workflow path and its next available states.

Customizable Folder Task Board Reports

Now configure the columns included in Folder Task Board reports, which display the progress a team is making on tasks, and map the columns to workflow states to specify the items to include in each column.

Detailed Forward Traceability Reports

Detailed Forward Traceability reports provide a complete picture of your project's requirements traceability. This report shows a requirement's related requirement documents, parent and child requirements, test cases, test runs, and defects.

TestTrack TCM Enhancements

TestTrack TCM includes a number of enhancements to something, including:

  • Attach screenshots, images, and files to each step of a test case and its test runs.
  • Simplify writing long or complex test cases by creating reusable test case steps that can be shared with other test cases.
  • Generate test runs in the new detail grid view format, which supports individual pass/fail results for each step and the capture of additional text, images, and files for documenting actual step results.
  • Additional compliance options for test runs to ensure your team is in compliance.

Fine Print for Electronic Signatures

Show compliance by specifying the explanatory text that is displayed each time a user enters an electronic signature.

Automatic Client Logout

Automatic Client Logout helps you optimize license usage by specifying how long a user can remain logged in to TestTrack without performing an activity.

Learn More About New TestTrack 2011.1 Features

Video - Analyzing an Item's Workflow History

Diagram Workflows

Video - Managing Modular Test Cases in Seapine ALM

Share Test Steps

New in Surround SCM 2011.1

Surround SCM 2011.1 adds a number of highly requested features for both users and administrators, including:


Shelving allows you to easily save a copy of any work in progress to the Surround SCM Server without making those changes available to other users. You can shelve files with pending changes if your work gets interrupted or you want to share changes with other users for review before committing the files.


Bookmarks provide a simple way to mark and return to files, repositories, or branches in Surround SCM. With bookmarks, you can quickly switch between common branches you work across, or a small number of repositories and files that you focus on.

Security Group Reports

Compare Surround SCM command, branch, and repository security with the enhanced Security Group detail report. This makes it easier to view your configured security settings, and compare different security groups to make sure you have the settings you want.

Central Administration of Default Options

Administrators can configure default Surround SCM Client options to set the default user options for clients connecting for the first time, making it easier for new users to get up and running. In addition, administrators can make user settings required, ensuring that users are following your best practices.

Learn More About New Surround SCM 2011.1 Features

Video - Three Practical Ways to Use Shelving in Surround SCM

Shelve Files

New in QA Wizard Pro 2011.1

QA Wizard Pro 2011.1 adds a number of new features and updates to improve your testing productivity, including:

Silverlight and Flash Support

QA Wizard Pro now includes native recognition for Adobe Flex 3.x, 4.0, and 4.1 controls created with ActionScript 3.0, as well as native recognition of Microsoft Silverlight 2.x - 4.x controls.

New Keyword View

New Keyword View, which used to be named Grid View, makes much better use of screen real estate, groups statements for one window together, and allows for inline editing of statements.

Report Enhancements

QA Wizard Pro reporting engine now gives you the ability to specify a default format (PDF, HTML, or native) and default location. An updated summary area provides an improved overview of your testing results.

QA Wizard Pro Status Tool Enhancements

The Status Tool, now a standalone application, includes a variety of updates. Detailed data can now be captured and saved over time, across multiple computers. The data can be stored on an external server, optionally using a SQL database, which allows you to perform complex reporting. In addition, Seapine's ALM Reporting Platform has been updated to let you include QA Wizard Pro data along with your other Seapine product data.

Learn More About New QA Wizard Pro 2011.1 Features

Video - Enhanced Grid/Keyword View

Enhanced Grid View

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