Seapine TestTrack TCM Streamlines QA, Expedites Delivery Lifecycle

Seapine Software addresses complexity of the testing process with a test case management application that provides unique visibility and control for quality assurance teams

BOSTON-September 12, 2006-As software applications become increasingly complex and development schedules more aggressive, the challenges facing quality assurance (QA) teams are expanding proportionately. New software solutions and better practices, including investing in the creation and management of well-documented test cases, are becoming essential to maintaining quality. Recognizing the vital role test case management (TCM) plays within the software QA process, Seapine Software, a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, today introduced TestTrack TCM.

This announcement was made during the SD Best Practices Conference & Expo, held in Boston September 11-14 .

TestTrack TCM is a highly scalable, cross-platform client/server solution that allows QA teams to plan, execute, and manage any testing process. Built on the proven TestTrack architecture, TestTrack TCM manages all facets of the testing process including test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement, and reporting. TestTrack TCM helps QA teams formalize the testing process and overcome barriers to creating well-documented test cases, including lack of time and resources.

"Thorough test planning and test case creation are precursors to a successful quality assurance effort. With application complexity increasing, both in the number of features and supported operating systems, and the need to support 'software as a service,' the number of test cases required to completely test an application is growing exponentially," said Richard Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine Software. "TestTrack TCM gives QA managers a complete solution to effectively plan the testing process and manage thousands of test cases and the results of their execution."

TestTrack TCM's broad feature set facilitates collaboration, streamlines process flow, and brings traceability to the testing process. Its client/server architecture easily scales to handle the largest testing efforts and includes features to securely support geographically-distributed teams.

With TestTrack TCM, testing teams benefit from:

  • Knowledge of what has been tested, what hasn't, and the effort required to finish the job
  • More effective use of QA team resources and test assets
  • Quicker product releases due to the streamlined interaction between QA and development
  • Audit readiness through demonstrated and repeatable testing processes and accurate test records
  • Improved estimation of future testing efforts

Proper process and a formalized testing practice are paramount to software quality, no matter the size of the testing team," added Riccetti. "With TestTrack TCM, companies can better measure their QA process, tools, and team performance, and implement the changes necessary to improve product quality. TestTrack TCM can also coordinate the move to automated testing, which is proven to lower testing costs."

About Seapine Software
Seapine Software, Inc. is a privately held technology company whose application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions help companies manage the process of developing high-quality complex products—often in regulated industries. Our award-winning ALM solutions drive the creation of recognized brands, life-saving medical devices, even games of the year.

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