Process and Change Management Merge in Seapine Surround SCM 5

Seapine Software delivers improved control over the software configuration management process with Surround SCM 5

BOSTON-September 12, 2006-Current software configuration management (SCM) solutions provide a great deal of control over the versioning of files, but fall short of enforcing processes around how changes are made and accepted. Seapine Software, a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM), is addressing these limitations and offering development teams better process control with today's introduction of Surround SCM 5.

This announcement was made during the SD Best Practices Conference & Expo, held in Boston September 11-14.

Available in mid-October, Surround SCM 5 combines user-definable workflows, custom meta-data, and powerful in-application programmable triggers to give configuration managers and software developers the tools needed to easily automate change processes and enforce change policies.

"Files transition through many more states than the traditional 'checked in' and 'checked out' supported by today's SCM tools. For example, source code may undergo a code review and either pass or fail. Whether the file moves forward into the build process may hinge on it reaching a specific state of quality. Surround SCM 5 provides the information and control necessary to move beyond the limited two-state solution," said Richard Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine Software.

"With Surround SCM 5, it is easy to define states and policies to enforce best practices in development or any other department that requires a structured change process. Now, if a developer checks out a 'code reviewed' file and makes a change, Surround can automatically reset its state to 'not code reviewed' to accurately describe the state of the file," added Riccetti.

Surround SCM 5's custom meta-data lets developers track any type of additional information with each file. For example, developers can track who owns a file, which is important if they need to find the person responsible for all build scripts. Enhanced in-application programmable triggers make it much easier to build functionality into Surround SCM without having to write external applications, giving the development team more time to focus on product development.

Seapine has packed a lot more into Surround SCM 5, including hyperlink access to files, CVS style check outs, single sign on support, numerous customization and usability enhancements, and much tighter integration with TestTrack Pro, Seapine's award-winning issue management solution.

"In Surround SCM version 5 and upcoming TestTrack Pro 7.6, we've enhanced the integration to give developers access to changelists from within TestTrack Pro and the ability to view all defect data from within Surround SCM," said Riccetti. "As an integrated solution, these tools help prioritize changes and provide a better understanding of why the changes occurred-important factors in improving the quality of applications and development efforts."

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