Seapine Software's TestTrack Pro Ranks High Within The Electronic Gaming Industry

Mason, Ohio -- November 12, 2002 -- Seapine Software announces TestTrack Pro has been selected by the gaming industry as one of six finalists for the 2002 Game Developer Magazine Front Line awards in the programming category. Finalists were chosen based on the number of votes submitted for each category. A panel of industry experts will judge the finalist and select a winner to be announced and spotlighted in the January 2003 issue of Game Developer Magazine.Seapine's TestTrack Pro is a software quality assurance tool used by game testers to make sure bugs found during testing are fixed before the game ships. According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, "With a typical game requiring up to $5 million and two years to produce, the last thing a publisher wants is to release a game with bugs that will infuriate if not alienate persnickety buyers." TestTrack Pro ensures the development of higher quality games by promoting accountability, improving team communication and collaboration, and enhancing productivity."As everyone knows, an up-to-date and accurate bug list is invaluable to the successful delivery of the game," said Asad Habib from Kuju Entertainment. "With TestTrack Pro, any areas left uncovered are spotted quickly and rectified simply because everything is accounted for so easily (and tracked) with the program. From history tabs, solutions and comments to the repro rate. We ‘cut and shape' the bug until we are happy to present it to the development team, who because of the details involved, can work on the solution straight away.""The testing phase of game production requires coordinating large teams of testers, located both on- and off-site, with the development team as efficiently as possible to ensure on-time delivery," says Richard Riccetti, President of Seapine Software. "Given the high production costs, long development times, and potential rewards, delivering a bug-free game is vital. TestTrack Pro addresses the critical needs of the gaming industry in a cost-effective, intuitive, and flexible way."Indeed, a growing list of game development companies recognizes TestTrack Pro as a key tool to ensure successful development. The list includes such notable companies as Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, Eidos Technologies, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Hasbro Games, Infogrames, Lucas Arts, and Sony Online Entertainment.Electronic Gaming Monthly notes, "Game testers are the gatekeepers of the $8 billion video game industry, these elite players are the front line of any successful company. The stakes couldn't be higher." More than ever, this elite group is relying on TestTrack Pro to manage their testing process.

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