Defect Scribe Simplifies Manual Testing, Saving Time and Improving Defect Report Accuracy

QA Wizard’s newest product automatically records manual and exploratory test sessions

CINCINNATI — Feb. 4, 2013 —QA Wizard, a business unit of Seapine Software, Inc., today launched Defect Scribe, a tool that helps quality assurance (QA) and software development teams improve their manual testing efficiency and create better bug reports. Defect Scribe allows software testers to focus more on testing an application or web site, and less on documenting every step they take during the testing process.

“Defect Scribe increases teams’ productivity by removing their least valuable work,” said Jeff Amfahr, director of product management, Seapine Software. “QA folks want to spend their time finding issues, not writing defect reports. By automatically creating a step-by-step record of every action with Defect Scribe, anyone testing software can spend more time finding issues and less time on paperwork.”

A subscription-based service, Defect Scribe is installed on the user’s desktop and records every user action and application screen to improve test session efficiency and create better bug reports. Available for web, Windows, or Java applications, Defect Scribe records activity during manual and exploratory testing. Defect Scribe builds a detailed history of the test session, including descriptions of the user interface controls used and a screen shot of every step with the relevant graphical user interface (GUI) element automatically highlighted. If a defect is found, the tester can submit a complete and accurate bug report—including the recording, associated screenshots, testing notes, and detailed steps to reproduce—in just one click to a defect tracking tool or via email. This saves significant time with manual data collection, allowing testers to focus on “breaking” software and enabling developers to quickly reproduce and fix bugs.

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