Seapine Software Releases Surround SCM 2008.1

Mason, OH—April 21, 2008—Seapine Software, the leading provider of quality-centric application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, today announced the release of Surround SCM 2008.1, its award-winning software configuration management application. Surround SCM 2008.1 includes the following enhancements.

Improved navigation with hierarchical branch combo boxThe new hierarchical branch combo box makes it easier to navigate the branch list. This combo box is available wherever users select branches from a list, such as the Branch menu in the Source Tree view.

Enhanced ease of use with quick access to working directories Users can open working directories from the Surround SCM Client, which eliminates time spent searching for files on the local computer. The directory is opened in Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, or the Linux or Solaris file manager.

More efficient diffing with multiple comparison windowsSurround SCM supports multiple open instances of Guiffy, its integrated diff/merge utility. This allows users to compare multiple file versions at the same time, viewing differences between two file versions in one window and differences between two, different file versions in another window.

Improved snapshot branch historySnapshot branch history now includes the full history of a file in the parent branch. Users can view the actions performed on a file before the branch was created and get, view, or diff files from the parent branch.

Clearer understanding of user actions with new report options Reports based on actions performed by users can include data for the current user or all users, and all actions or all change actions.

Expanded security for branch rollbacksA new security command allows administrators to restrict access to rollback branch promotes and rebases. Disabling this command can help prevent users from undoing a large number of file changes.

Improved productivity through additional IDE integrationsSurround SCM 2008.1 adds NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 and 7.0, and Eclipse 3.3 IDE integration. Visual Studio integration now provides more Surround SCM functionality, including the ability to create labels, merge files, and set the file workflow state from the shortcut menu.

About Seapine Software
Seapine Software, Inc. is a privately held technology company whose application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions help companies manage the process of developing high-quality complex products—often in regulated industries. Our award-winning ALM solutions drive the creation of recognized brands, life-saving medical devices, even games of the year.

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