Seapine Software Releases TestTrack Studio 2008.1

Mason, OH—March 27, 2008—Seapine Software, the leading provider of quality-centric application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, today announced the availability of TestTrack Studio 2008.1, its award-winning software test planning and defect tracking solution.

Improved ease of use with multiple top level windowsTwo display modes allow users to customize TestTrack Studio to the way they work. In Single Top Level Window mode, all windows are contained inside a single parent window. Multiple Top Level Windows mode provides free floating list windows that users can position independent of one another. This allows users to arrange and resize windows to match their current activities. They can use multiple windows to easily copy information between a document and a defect or to view the steps of a test run next to the test application.

Increased efficiency with an enhanced user interfaceNew toolbar, workflow, and application icons make it easier to identify desired commands and understand status. Toolbars also offer text-only, icon-only, or icon and text buttons to assist novice or occasional users. Users can also control the size of the toolbar icons to provide more workspace where screen real estate is limited.

Streamline workflow with silent eventsNot every workflow event requires a note or data input. Some are meant to simply move an item to the next stage of the workflow. Silent events allow administrators to create workflow activities that move items through the process but do not display an event dialog box, saving time for users.

Re-use data efficiently with enhanced duplicationTestTrack Studio’s new duplication options make it easier to enter multiple defects, test cases, or test runs and to use an item as a template. Being able to select the data to copy—including among other things history, workflow events, and file attachments—reduces redundant work and helps manage defects that must be fixed on multiple platforms or in multiple releases.

Improved test automation When running automated scripts attached to test runs, TestTrack TCM automatically updates the test run status based on the results. TestTrack TCM also allows users to run multiple automated scripts and to control the behavior when individual scripts fail. This is useful if one script is dependant on another to run. It also provides better control in a multi-tester environment. Users can also create filter restrictions based on the test run results to quickly find scripts that have not been run, need to be reviewed, or need to be re-run.

Improved test run tracking Regenerating test runs allows users to quickly create a new test run when the underlying test case changes. It also provides a clearer picture of the overall testing status, so testers and project managers can tell if a test was re-run because it failed or the initial status was unclear.

PostgreSQL supportSupport for PostgreSQL as a backend database enables organizations without access to SQL Server or Oracle to use a full-fledged RDBMS. With PostgreSQL users can integrate third-party reporting tools like Crystal Reports to create custom reports.

Availability and LicensingTestTrack Studio 2008.1 is available for Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, Sun Solaris®, and Apple Macintosh® operating systems. TestTrack Studio users with current support and maintenance plans are eligible for free upgrades.

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